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The beauty of not knowing

I think the internet is wonderful. Last night I listened to some (old) songs while browsing the internet for the lyrics of those songs. I knew the melody of those songs by heart, but never knew the exact lyrics. Hey, in those pre-(internet)-historic days, you could only get what's available around you. Most of the songs I knew I listened to the radio or from cassette tapes. Lyrics were limitted. You just have to listen to the songs and try to get and interpret it yourselves. And sometimes, what you think the song is all about is all wrong :D and I think that's the beauty of it. Like a few moments ago, I read the lyrics (and meaning) of a song I am listening right now. It's so waaayyy off. ha ha ha. I like my version better. I'd like to keep it (the interpretation) that way. Not knowing is so beautiful.

Don't Stop Me Now

I just got back from Jakarta after around 4 hours trip (it should have been a 2 hour trip, but traffic was bad). I thought that I am tired by the time I got home, but strange enough I feel awake. Maybe that's because I slept on the road :) I decided to open my emails (mostly reading and deleting emails) and update my blogs. As usual, there's music in the background. It just so happen that Queen - Don't Stop Me Now is in the background. Tonight I'm gonna have myself a real good time I feel alive and the world it's turning inside out Yeah! I'm floating around in ecstasy So don't stop me now don't stop me 'Cause I'm having a good time having a good time ... Yeah, I am having a good time updating my blogs. You know what, if I let this to flow, I'll end up not sleeping tonight. That's not good since tomorrow I have a meeting. I guess I have to stop what I am doing right now. Okay, okay, okay ... I'll shut down my computer and hit the b

Time to work again

Holiday is over. Now, it is time to work. We must finish several tasks before we hit another holiday this week :) I hope traffic is not bad today. Not sure how many people are still on holidays though. Do you work this week? Or continue with your holiday? Lord give us strength (and make things fun) ...

Still Alive

As part of blogwalking, I stumbled upon a list of Indonesian blogs written in English. My eyes caught a reference to this blog (Gerakan Bawah Tanah or gbt). It was mentioned that this blog receives 10 visits a day. Ha ha ha. That low now? (It used to be hundreds and at one time, more than one thousand visit/day.) And, the interesting part is that this blog is still high on many lists, including Google page rank. Let me assure you that I did not do any tinkering with this blog. No SEO stuff. I just write stuff (and not write lately for that matter). So, this is a real blog. My only explanation (why this blog is still popular) is that this is an old blog. Meaning, it is an artifact - although, a live one. Thus, it has been (and is still) referenced by many people in their blogs. The links are still there (and alive). But, there's nothing wrong with that, right? I guess I should update this blog more often ...

What's with rainy day?

For some people (and perhaps, I am included) rainy days can create a bad (gloomy) mood. How could that be? I don't know, but it just could. Btw, it was rainy the whole day today and yes you are correct, my mood wasn't pretty. So, now I am searching for the word "rainy" in my iTunes playlist. Let me play those songs! Mind as well. Carpenters - Rainy days and Mondays The Corrs - Rainy days James Taylor - Rainy day man ...