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Debugging (hardware or software) strategies?

My notebook is acting. Actually, it's a loaner. I installed GNU/Linux Debian. It still has its default MS Windows, though. Anyway ... it is acting up, hangs, unpredictable. Sometime it would stay up for more than 1 hour, 2 hours, or more, but other time it would hang in 15 minutes. I suspect it has a problem with RAM. Now, how do I test it (to make sure that it is a hardware problem, not a software / OS problem)? Any suggestion? Is there a Linux program that can (stress) test the hardware (mostly RAM)? Now, I took one of the RAM chips (which I suspect is faulty) and keep it running under Debian. It has been up for more than 1 hour.

Jose Mourinho is out!

Arrrggghhh... I have not had a chance to watch English Premier Football League (EPFL). The reasons is that Astro (a satellite TV operator here) took an exclusive license to the English Premier League and I am using Indovision (Astro's competitor). EPFL is no longer available in my TV. Grrrr... Now this. Jose Mourinho, Chelsea's coach, is out. I've just read it in a newspaper. It is still not clear to me what's the fiasco all about. Anybody? Chelsea is my favorite team. Definitely Mourinho's departure will effect Chelsea performance. They have had a tough time last season. They don't need this. Argh. What can I do? Switch team? Not yet!

Flock slow

I have just downloaded and installed Flock I expected that it should be a lighter version of Firefox. It does start faster (at least that's how I feel), but then when I open many sites (blogs) in several tabs, I can feel it's crawling. I don't know what's happening. It doesn't do that with Firefox. So, I am a little dissapointed with Flock. How's your experience?

Me & my students at Digital Culture

Here's a picture of me and my students taken during Forum Rektor Gathering at Institut Teknologi Bandung (my university). [Foto: Aji Heriadi] I played guitar in a band and the students performed traditional music and dances. Good things. Our traditional culture is well and alive, with young persons! Well, what's the future? Can we preserve our traditional culture in this digital age? What kind of performance will come out of this? We'll see. I am excited with this; Indonesia Digital Culture. Hmm....

What ever happened to efx2

I used to blog at It died. Then users from modblog (modblog addicts) flocked to And now ... is down! I don't know what happened to it. Does anybody know what's going on? Now, we're scrambling to find each other. The thing about modblog and efx2 is that users visit each other. It's a community thing. I don't know why, but you can sense it is there (which is not happening in other blog services). Anyway ... efx2 users, let's unite. Update: efx2 is now up and running, but with different software. Now it uses wordpress. The domain is now My blog is now at .

Clash of Culture

Sometimes I feel like I am trapped in rocks and hard places. I am an Indonesian, definitely an Eastern culture, but, I began mature in a Western society (Canada to be exact). I am glad I had the chance to see the best and worse of both worlds. I am trying to pick up the best of them, but it seems that best is not good enough. What does "best" mean in another culture? When I tried to do something, sometimes the result is not what I expected. Rejections! It's not the content, but how I did it that created problem(s). It's a cultural thing. There's a clash of culture in my body ...