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Presentation Preparation

I've got (too many) presentation invitations. So, I do quite a bit presentations. Maybe, it is even my main job :) One thing people don't realize is that the amount of effort and time that I have to put preparing for the presentation. Some people think that I can use old presentations and can just wing it. Apparently, each presentation is different. I still need to modify the presentation. Some times the presentation only requires minor adjustment, other time (most of the time) I have to create a new presentation. Whether it is minor or major modification, it still takes time. The very least, I usually spend 1 hour preparing for the presentation. Tomorrow I am giving a presentation. It's a 30-minute presentation plus questions and answers. So, it's one hour. Give and take. I already spent more than two hours preparing it. Oh well ...

Indonesia Independence Day - 17 August

Tomorrow, 17 August, is our independence day. There are many events in our community to celebrate this. Mostly, they are sports, fun competition ( lomba makan kerupuk, panjat pohon pinang, anybody?) and outdoors gathering. That should be great! To bad I don't have photos :( Long live Indonesia.

No picture today

I have a personal project, in which I plan to take picture(s) from the same spot. The picture looks like this. I enjoy watching the picture, the environment. It is great. Especially, if the weather is great and it shows in the picture. It sets my mood. For the last couple of days, the weather was not great. It was kinda gloomy. So, I didn't take the picture. I didn't want to have gloomy days. This morning, it is also gloomy. Sigh ... I need my sunshine. So, no picture today.


When you hurt someone, you actually hurt yourself. So, my apology to whoever I hurt. I didn't mean to do it. (I never intentionally want to hurt somebody.)