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not a word

we exchanged words but we've never talked communication is not a dictionary search looking up for words and trying to map our feeling onto them sometimes you have to paint your feeling with colors that have no name

Slow (but great) Saturday Morning: taking flower pictures

This (Saturday) morning was great. It was bright and cool at the same time. Hey, it's Bandung. What do you expect? ha ha ha. So, I decided to take some pictures in the backyard. Here they are. From Indonesia From Indonesia From Indonesia From Indonesia From Indonesia From Indonesia Good stuff, eh? Those are the ones in the backyard. There are more in the frontyard, but if I put them in this page, it's going to take forever to download those pictures. ha ha ha. I am joking of course, but it's true that I have a beautiful home. It was a slow Saturday morning, but it was a great one.

Sticking with Firefox

After using Google Chrome for a few days (weeks actually), I decided to stick with Firefox. At lest for now. Yes, Chrome seems to be better technically (I like the process vs thread approach), but I am having difficulties managing my blogs with it. I guess blogs won! I know, I know, I know. It's still beta. You're forgiven, Chrome. I am going to try the next version / update. Which is when?

Google Chrome bugs?

I decided to give Google Chrome a spin. I tried to edit one of my blogs which is based on Wordpress . For some reasons, all paragraphs became one (long) paragraph . I tried to edit it again. In the editor, the paragraphs looked fine but when I published the entry again, those paragraphs became one again. In the end I used Firefox to edit that blog entry. It worked. Also, some stylings (like italics , etc.) were gone. (known) bugs? Long time ago I had similar problem with Safari, but it's fixed now. Maybe it's the same problem?

Students Blogs

It's that time of the year (again). School is back. I am teaching a couple courses this semester; one for undergrads and one for grads. As usual, I ask my students to create blogs. Assignment should be written in their blogs. They have to have blogs. No option :) Before, I had to bring papers home (and back to the office) if I want to mark their assignments. Now, all I have to do is access the net. It is interesting that most students mix personal writings and assignments. To me, this is interesting because I can see the other side of them, not just the technical (assignment) aspect only. Yeah, I have to go through some unrelated posts, but that's ok. Sometimes I even find interesting writings. So, my students, keep on writing!

Number conversions: Binary, Decimal, Hexadecimal

I am teaching an IT course for non-IT students. It's a challenge, especially for me the teacher! Now, I am trying to teach number conversions. I have to teach them how to convert decimal numbers to binary (octal and hexadecimal) and vice versa. I know the theory, but I need a better explanation. Remember that this class is a non-IT class. I am looking for an animation or some sort to make the explanation simpler (better). Any pointers?

Teaching New Course

Just to let you know that I am teaching a new course this term. It's an " Introduction to Information Technology " course. You think that this is an easy topic for me, eh? Apparently not so. Well, I am familiar with the topic, but I have to follow the class according to the textbook. This is also a paralel class, which means I have to sync the class with the other classes. Since this is a new class, I have to prepare the course material. There are some power point presentation files from the publisher of the textbook, but they're ugly! (I don't understand why a good publisher could release such a crappy presentation materials.) Anyway ... I have to work hard(er). As if I have nothing else to do. Grrr...