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Steve Jobs' commencement address at Stanford University

You know that I am always interested in what Steve Jobs did and does. Here's a link to what he said in a commencement address at Stanford University (June 12, 2005): . It's beautiful. Read it and tell me what you think. I, frequently, give talks to university students. Definitely some of what he said will be part of my future talks. One of the things that I admire from people in the West is that many of them really love what they are doing. Here, I've seen people with no passion. They just go to work day by day not knowing what they want. It's a pitty, really. Maybe it's because we have too many things to do. Heavier burdens? I am not trying to get excuses, but we do have a heavier burden. I can see that many Indonesians would excel (easily?), if they were in the West . But, it might be because we "stay hungry? in Indonesia" I want to be an agent that can change the situation in Indones

Microsoft Research Center in Indonesia? Yes!

A couple weeks ago (could somebody provide the exact date), president Susilo Bambang Yudoyono (SBY) met with Bill Gates in Redmond. Among the things that they discussed was the possibility to open a Microsoft Research Center in Indonesia. This created a debate, pros and cons, in IT communities in Indonesia. I am glad that the idea of open a research center in Indonesia was brought up. I don't know who provided the information to our president, but I am glad that our president was bold enough to put the idea forward. First of all, this idea was not just came up one or two days ago. We have thought about this for quite a few years. In fact, in a presentation about BHTV ( Bandung High Tech Valley ) in 2000 (and updated in 2001), I suggested that we approach stable multinational tech companies to open their research centers in Bandung. (Presentation material is available in my web site at . Search for the word "BHTV". If you can't find it,


I was hospitalized for 3 days (2 nights). I am back now and still trying to recover. There are many things that I want to write, but I have to prioritize them since my time in front of computer is limitted (for the time being). Stay tuned.

Security Architecture

I am doing a consulting for a company. They want me to create a security architecture for their company. The problem is, there are several meanings to "security architecture". In one book, "security architecture" means application or software security. In Cisco's and Microsoft's views (at least from their papers), security architecture relates to network security. In CISSP books, security architectures refers to access control (and the different models). From a consulting firm, such as PWC, security architecture means a (security) framework, which is a high level concept. Another consulting firm thinks that security architecture means activities. Confusing. My take on this? Well, I think security architecture is just like building architecture. It is composed of functional building blocks. In a house (or building), you have a living room, bedroom, kitchen, garage, garden, etc. In security, you'll have the equivalent building blocks, such as identity ma