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Do I have to read them all?

Here's the deal. I have sooo many reports that I have to read. I am still reading them. Last Friday, a book arrived at my office. It was a textbook for a course that I have to teach next term (which is starting in about a month). I have to read this 600-pages textbook in one month. Not only that I have to read it, I have to understand it. Heck, I am teaching the course. Can you imagine if I don't understand what I am saying? And as if that's not enough, a few minutes ago I arrived home from a late meeting. Lo and behold, three thick reports were in my doorstep. I think I was asked to give comments to the report in a week. Ha! What next? Don't tell me that there's another book/report that I have to read ASAP! Aaarrrggghhh

Moving Forward

The past ... has been dragging us Let us ... move forward I am not saying that the past is not important, but sometimes it keeps us from moving forward. Bad experience in the past, dark history, and what not, are important. I am not saying that we should forget them. It's just that we have to be brave enough to embrace the future. The (bright) future, ready or not, ... here I come! How about you, folks? Are you ready?

BFS Generation

There are two ways to explore the wealth of information; "Breadth First Search (BFS)" or "Depth First Search (DFS)." In BFS, if you find a new branch of information, you jump into it. In DFS, you dig down deeper before you branch out. It seems that older generations tend to explore knowledge in DFS fashion. They concentrate in a subject and explore that particular subject deeper and deeper. They become experts in their particular fields. Younger generations tend to explore things in a horizontal manner or BFS. They explore things in parallel and have no patience to explore deep. They like to open (too) many windows while browsing, jumping from one window to another in an BFS fashion. They become generalists, with a breadth of knowlegde. Are you a DFS or BFS generation? By the way, notice how your "tab" in your browser opening up. Is it BFS or DFS? Related article: " How the Google generation thinks differently "

Not Excited in Reading (Certain) Books

I am reading a review of a book a few minutes ago. At the end, I came to a conclusion that it was a good book but with too many words. The reviewer was not too excited describing the book. In another place, I found a more raving review of the book. It's a best seller book in Indonesia. (I am not going to give the title. :) ) I've got the book but for some reasons I have not started reading the book. Don't ask me why. There's also another book (different author) that is a best seller. It even became a movie. That, also, did not excite me. I've read a few pages then gave up. Many people said that the story is good. I just couldn't read it. What's wrong with me? I have some possible answers. One, I have to wear glasses when reading now. I hate it. I love reading lying down. And, those glasses are just in the way of reading. This is why I read less books these days. The stack (of books to be read) is getting higher and higher. Next possible answer. I d

(pretend to be) somebody else

I was pretending to be somebody else so that you like me I am so sorry ... Now, if that was said to you, ... would you forgive? and forgotten? There's one thing that I just don't understand. Why would you lie in the first place? You should give me more credits. I am not that shallow. [posting was inspired by the suite life of zack and cody ]