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Losing Grounds

A few days ago, I took my son's motorbike and rode up the hill. Took some pictures and felt sad. No, it's not the scenery. It was beautiful. Take a look at this photo I took. I feel sad because in the name of progress we turn this beautiful place it concrete houses and what not. But, what can I do? If I were a very rich man, I would buy this land and keep them as green as possible.

Linux Music Player

I used to use Rhythmbox for my music player on my Linux desktop (currently it's a Linuxmint flavor). Then, for some reasons, Rhythmbox quits randomly. At first, I tolerated it, but after a while I was annoyed. Time to switch. I switched to Banshee. And now Banshee is having the same problem, random quits. Time to switch, again! Aaarrrggghhh ... There are several music players for Linux, but one feature that I need in my music player is the ability to scrobble to . That's all. Long time ago, I tried Songbird and liked it. Unfortunately, they stopped supporting Linux. Oh well. Fortunately, there is a fork. It's called Nightingale . And now, I am using it. It looks great (beautiful) and the most important thing ... I hope it does not crash randomly. Keep my fingers crossed. And start populating it with songs ... chirping ...

The Annoying The

I was adding songs into my music player. This time I am using Banshee on my Linux desktop computer. One thing that brings to my attention is that I've got songs unordered. Looking carefully, it is the annoying "the". Some of the songs in my collection has the word "The" as part of the artist (band) name. Some don't. An example would be "The Beatles". They ended up in different list; "The Beatles" and just "Beatles". Aaarrrggghhh. So annoying. One of the problems with English, I suppose. (On a side note. What is the correct name of the band, "The Beatles" I suppose?) Oh, by the way, iTunes recognizes this and ignores the "The" when sorting the artists. Good job! (And I have just realized that Nightingale also knows the The. yayyy)