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Water conservation

I love taking a long hot shower. When I was living in Canada, I could stand in the shower for long minutes (I was going to write hours, but I don't think I would spend hours taking shower :)). It felt so good. Now, I cannot do it. In developing countries, although water is perhaps abundance, clean water is expensive (and rare in some places). You just can't spend long minutes taking a shower. You have to budget your water usage. In this sense, we are taking good care of the earth. Not because we want to, but mostly because we have to. Think differently. It is unfair that people in developed countries use resources more than underdeveloped or developing countries. Not just use more, but use it ineffieciently. The richer gets things easier ... That's life?


I am sorry that this blog has been sidetracked. It's not my intention. It's just my time management has gone awry. Too many things to do, too little time. Oh well. I hope I can write more here. This is just to say that this blog is still alive :) or at least, I want it to be alive ...