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Missing Targets

Looking at the statistics of this blog, I realized that I am missing one of my targets. I wanted to write more for this blog, but in the end I have too many things to do so that I've been neglecting this blog. I did write many things but they are in my wordpress blog. Next year, which is starting tomorrow - ha ha ha, must be better. I want to write more. I want to re-design the blog. I want ... Well, I guess too much want is not good. I'll stick with simpler target; next year write more than this year.

A Muslim Speaking

There have been dreadful events lately. People are being killed for no apparent reasons. And, the fingers are pointed to Muslims (as the persons) and Islam (as the religion). All Muslims must be responsible for these actions. Since no Muslims are voicing their disapproval, then Muslims are supporting those actions. That's the message that I read in many news forums. Over and over again. And here I am. A Muslim. Confused. In my mind there is a clear message. No decent human would approve terrible actions done by those people. Note that I use the term "human" because it has nothing to do with religion, race, or whatever. We, human. All of us. (I always think about "human vs. nature" or "human vs. robots".) This (the disapproval) is so obvious to me that I think I (or Muslims) don't need to say it explicitly. It's as true as motherhood. Unfortunately, in this information age, people are too lazy to seek, read, think, and understand this

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Forcing Self With Technology

Technology does help me to be more healthy. At least that's what I believe. For the last month, I've been wearing Mi (Fitness) Band. It's a bracelet that keeps track you movement. It records the number of steps you have done at a particular time of the day. It can also record the number of hours you are sleeping. But, I am mainly focus on the number of steps (and the associated kilo meters I have walked). I can synchronize the data with my iPhone. Here's an example of the result. I can set a goal in terms of the number of steps per day. I set it at 8000 steps. Usually, I couldn't make it. Ha ha ha. I usually go from my car to my office, which is probably only 500 meters from the parking spot. That's not enough to achieve 8000 steps. Sometimes, I purposely park my car further so I have to force myself to walk more. I also use Nike+ to track myself when I walk. But, Nike+ requires GPS and that sucks my battery really fast. So, I use Nike+ when I know t