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Biofuel a recipie for disaster

People are raving about biofuel. Experiments and even commercial implementations of biofuels are available now. Then, there's a problem. Somebody sent me an email. It says that CPO is used to make biofuel, but it is also an ingredient to make cooking oils. Now, people are more interested in exporting CPO to countries outside Indonesia. This creates a higher price of cooking oil. I don't know whether the above story is accurate, but definitely the price of cooking oil is skyrocketing in Indonesia. I guess, that above scenario is possible. If it is true, then biofuel is a recipie for (price) disaster in Indonesia. What do you think?

Funkmaster Webmaster

After seeing my (gig) pictures, Jay - a friend of mine, gave me a stage name: Funkmaster Webmaster . ha ha ha. It's actually a good name. Although, I am more into Rock! than Funk! Webmaster, that I am. I should (am going to?) use that name for my stage name ...

On being an Indonesian

What does it mean (take?) to be an Indonesian? Do I have to speak in Bahasa Indonesia to be an Indonesian? Do I have to act like other Indonesians? Tell me. Please. (Is nationalism that important? I don't know.) A few years ago, when I was still living in Canada, I had a similar conversation with a friend of mine, but at that time we were discussing "being a Canadian." I think it was tougher because the similarities between Canadians and Americans. (I know that Canadians don't like being associated with Americans. Ha ha ha)

Who Owns English (the language)

I was in a discussion with some friends and we ended up discussing languages, especially English. Now, the question is who "owns" the English language? (I cannot define what "own" means in this context.) The Englishmen? How about the Americans? In my experience, Indians (the Asians, not the Native Americans) usually are better in using English. They usually pick words that are not commonly used (daily by people on the street). It's interesting. I could not generalize this, but that's just my experience. Yours could be different. Okay, it's just a light discussion (that goes to nowhere). Forget about this ...

Oneliner Applications

Why is there a wave of " oneliner applications "? What I mean by "oneliner applications" are applications that print one line of your message. Okay, they are not limitted by one line, but you know what I mean. You can use this application to set your status, show your emotion, show what you are doing, post a URL, and so on. Examples of these applications are: jaiku twitter status in your Yahoo Messanger (YM) shoutout in friendster ... is ... in facebook mood in moodmill and many more I've been using those applications (or feature in application) for quite a while and it is getting annoying since I have to enter text to those application individually. There should be one application that can control them all. I enter the text and it gets distributed to those oneliner applications. Hmm...

Die Hard 4.0, Budi Rahardjo 3.0, Web 2,0

What's with these numbers? It's odd. Well, years ago it might be considered odd, but now ... it's so hot. As a side note, how come there's no minor revision ? I have not heard Web 2.1. Should I make Budi Rahardjo 3.1? (It reminds me of Windows 3.1. Ha ha ha.) Who (what) is going to claim 5.0?

Slacking ...

As mentioned in my other blog entry (guess which one, ha ha ha), I spent the whole Sunday morning at home doing nothing. Well, that's true for the morning. In the afternoon I still slugging in my bed, but this time with two books (H. Gardner's "Five Minds for the Future" and Michael Heatley's "The illustrated history of the Electric Guitar") and a notebook (to watch a DVD movie and surf a little - like to JSOP's blog ). It has been a while since I have time like this. Usually, I always buzzing around doing many things. This time, I am enjoying every bit of it. It was a ranning little outside. The sound of water hitting puddles of water on the grass is so beautiful. It reminded me of a song, "rhythm of the rain" played instrumentally on a piano. Ah. What a beautiful world God has given us. I am going back to read those two books ...

Mac OS vs Linux

I've been reading articles that basically say " Linux got it wrong and Mac OS got it right. " That's kind of obvious, isn't it? (I own an iBook and Linux on many computers.) Now, I am looking for articles that say " Linux got it right and Mac OS got it wrong. " Ha ha ha. As a start, can somebody point me to the statistics of the number of Linux vs Mac users? I would have thought that the number of Linux users exceeds the number of Mac users. (Meaning Linux got it right.) No? More specifically, I would love to hear what Linux has done right in terms of usability.