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There is a new trend in Indonesia and it is an application called "WhatsApp". It is an application that allows us to send messages to a person or - more frequently - a group of people. It is a replacement of BlackBerry's BBM. The BlackBerry's era is over. The reason is that Android is becoming more popular, as in other parts of the world. WhatsApp is cross platform and operator neutral. What more could you ask? I don't use BlackBerry, so I don't use BBM. I just recently bought an Android phone - it's an LG. WhatsApp is the application I installed and quickly I am part of many WhatsApp groups. I could see that many people are like me, embracing WhatsApp.


I have just read a job opening for RIM. The target market is Indonesia, but the job is in Singapore. I just don't understand this. Why don't the open the job in Indonesia ? I have mentioned this over and over again. You have to be in the place to smell the coffee. You can't be form far afar. (Why there's no Starbucks in Italy, eh?) For example, go to BEC (in Bandung) or Roxy (in Jakarta) to see what's going on. If you don't know those two names, then you know diddly. My point exactly.

Indonesians and Twitter

Earlier I wrote that Indonesians are switching from Facebook to Twitter. Many - mostly folks from Facebook - don't believe me. Well, what can I say. (I was right in predicting things since late 80s or early 90s.) Here's a newer statistics about twitter. The number one place of active twitter users in the world is ... Jakarta, our capital city. My city, Bandung, is "just" number 6 (six) on the list. Can you imagine this? Oh, you cannot since you're not here. Ha. Like I said, you guys (Facebook, Twitter, and all those internet tech companies) should have an office here. Just to smell the coffee and find out the trend for yourselves. Oh, coffee here is also good! :)