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Progress sensation in reading e-book

Long time ago I asked a friend, what is missing living in a country without four seasons. She said that the sense of progress is what's missing. I guess the same feeling is missing when I am reading an e-book. Reading an e-book I don't have a sense of how many pages left to read. I know that there is an indicator of the number pages in most e-books reader. There's even a percentage indicator. But, I don't get the sensation. When reading a conventional, physical book, I put a bookmark. Looking at the bookmark I get the sense of how much more I have to read. Sometimes I flip the pages just to get the sense. I know I can calculate based on current page and the number of pages in the book, but it just don't work. Maybe this is because I came from an analog world? Anyway, it would be interesting if somebody can create that kind of progress sensation when reading e-books. That would be neat.

Missing from

I've been using to keep track my music (listening) habbit . It has a great statistics. Love it soo much. But things have been like that for ages. There's no new thing. Recently, there are several applications that can keep track of your life by asking you to "check in" manually or automatically. The interesting thing is that they reward you for checking in. For example, in getglue you'll get stickers after several checkins. In other places you get points, rewards, or ranks. This is missing in could update their site by providing ranks (people who use frequently) or group people with the same interest(s) - say if they have more than 90% match - in a special group. They can even rename their group to a cooler name. This way we can find people with the same interest and perhaps learn new artists or bands from the rest of the group. Lots of ideas are still available if is interested. Or, maybe is a dying service?

Meeting == food?

Does meeting equal food? To use, the answer is yes! Like right now. I am in the middle of a training session (it's a network security training) and am surrounded by food. Here's an example ... That's just an example. I've got more photos here. Seriously. The problem is not the photos, but I actually ate them! Three words: Oh my God!

Photo this morning

semut (ants)

new look

It has been a while since I updated the look and feel of this blog. The reasons is that I need to set a side a time to do it, which I don't have. I have manual tweaks into this blog. For example, the stuffs on the right side (it may change in the future) are coded by hand. Today, I decided to update. Squeezing this task on my busy schedule. So here it is ... I still need to do some configuration; changing the background image, fonts, and the like. But, that has to wait. In the mean time I have to frequently update this blog and that's the hardest part.

American Idol 2012 Wish List

Here is my wish list: Phillip sings Sting song(s). He has that kind of "attitude" in his voice that fits Sting's song. Elise sings Carpenters song(s). She has that clean (actually rasp) voice. It would be interesting when she sings a Carpenter song (Karen's clean voice is just unbelievable). Joshua sings James Brown's songs(s). I love that gospel in his voice. That's all for now. I'll update it again. I know. My wish list is kinda crazy, but that's how I picture them singing.