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must work (even in resort area)

I am in Bali right now. I should enjoy the weather, beaches, and the like. Basically, taking a holiday. But, nooo ... I have to work! So, two days here and I haven't had a chance to relaxing. Tomorrow I am going back. So what's the point going to Bali?


It is scary to see incompetent people making decision. I am not talking about decision that is affecting themselves, but ones that affecting many people. The reason I know about this is I know them personally. Ouch ... I just hope that they are surrounded by capable people so that the effect is not so severe. They might learn something. Just might ... The question is, will they become incompetent forever?

Tweet: quantity or quality?

I have a hypothesis: if you tweet a lot, you get more followers . Granted there has to be some kind of guidelines on what you tweet to attract followers. You would tweet something that you would think it's useful, at least to you. You wouldn't tweet something that you don't even want to read. Having that, I think quantity will attract more followers. I have tested this in my blog. I have a blog that is considered popular, meaning it is in top 10 of Indonesian blogs. (Not this blog, but my other blog . The one you are currently reading is in top 100, though.) When I write more articles, I got a lot of visitors. I know this from the statistic page of wordpress. When I write less article, less visitors. I thought if I write good articles, but less in number, I would attract more or the same number of visitors. It turned out, not. I got more visitors when I write lots of (so-so) articles. Thus, more attracts more. Maybe, it is not the quantity, but the update is the imp

Too early

Arrived to early in my class. My students have not arrived yet. I know the class is too early, 7 AM! So I took a picture. Here it is. The class is actually a big one; 100 students! It's "Introduction to Information Security" class for 3rd year students.