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Backing up personal (junk) files

I had a quiz the day before yesterday. One of the questions was "what do you if you are bored?" One of the answers was "defrag disks" (or something like that). I didn't realize that this might be true. Yesterday I did defrag my disks :) and right now I am trying to organize (junk?) files. I have so many images (photos) taken with my digital camera and my cellphones. Sometimes to get one good image, I took multiple images. What do I do with the ones that I am not using? There are also files that I thought I might read, but not right now. (And perhaps never?) On top of that there are audio files and so on. What's the best way to back these files up? Some people told me to use DVD. I don't trust DVDs. I have had bad luck with them. Scratched a little and there goes my files down the blackhole drain. Right now I am backing up with external HD. I don't know if this is cost effective. (On top of that, I don't use backup programs. Plain copying files

Problem with Firefox @ Mac

I am having a problem with Firefox on Mac OS X (on a Macbook). I was using Firefox 3.0* (forgot the exact version). Then for some reasons, the windows was displayed off the screen. For example, if I press "apple ," there is no configuration window. The screen was just clean. If I press F9 (expose), the screen appeared. So, I know it is there. But, when I tried to get into it the screen went clean again and the configuration window dissapeared (as if it moved to the top left - off the screen). I decided to download Firefox 3.5 and wrote over on top of the previous version. The problem was still there. Then, I removed Firefox from Application folder. Reinstalled Firefox. It seemed to work. But ... this morning the problem was there again. I removed again and reinstalled Firefox. It is working (so far). Has anybody experienced a similar problem? Update: if I close the lid of my MacBook while Firefox is running and open the lid again, the window appears!