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Showing posts from July, 2010

Good Morning

It has been a while since I updated this page, eh. The thing is I have too many blogs to update :-) Oh well. This morning I thought it is going to rain. A few raindrops have fallen. I went outside to pick up newspaper before it is wet. But then, it's sunny. Whoa. I hope it is sunny the whole day, cause I don't like rainy days (and some people, ... Monday). Wet Monday? It can bring our mood down. Good morning (sunshine)...

Sports and (un)fitness

I have just got back from a futsal match. It was a good game, but now I've got a pounding headache. In another point in time, I was injured after the game. Now, it got me thinking. The reason I want to do sports is to make me healthy and fit. I am not looking for a headache, or God forbid, injury. But ... What do you think?