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For the last few days, I haven't had a good sleep. I've got 3 hours sleep only. I am not taking any medicine or drugs. It's just my head is full with questions (of life). At the end, I was jaded. Finally, last night I had a good sleep. Phew ... 6 hours of quality sleeping time. Those questions are still in my head, though. I've got to get them out of my head. (Maybe by writing them down in this blog I can ease the burden?)

Becoming a presenter / MC (or standup comedian)

Well, this is the n -th time I was asked to be a presenter (MC) in a large gathering (conference, seminar). In the first event(s), I always thought that this was a one time job. A side track? What the hey. I'll give it a shot. But, it's happening again. I guess I did well ... or, nobody is not available for the job. ha ha ha. Either way, I have to be ready. Anyway, this time I want to do better. I have to prepare (better than before). I am looking for lines, quotes, jokes, funny stuff. At one time, I wanted to become a stand up comedian. ha! That would be funny (since I am a serious person). I am going to give it a try anyway. Any suggestion(s)? Sites to visit? URL? Things to read? Video (youtube?) to watch? or just give it up? (just ready for the boo...)

Waiting for your call ...

Juliet, ... I am waiting for you call ... please ...

Torn ...

How could I live comfortably, ... when I know people are fighting for their lives ... I feel powerless ... Oh God, the Algmighty, ... give me the strength to carry on ... give me heart so that I always connect to their hearts ... please, don't turn me into a robot

(Tidak) Bosan Dengan Rutinitas

Seperti biasa, pagi ini saya kembali ke acara rutin. Bangun, sholat subuh, tunggu agak terangan sedikit (dan supaya tidak terlalu dingin), jogging. Kali ini saya tidak lupa membawa iPod. Ha! Jadi bisa seru sendirian. hi hi hi. Turun ke bawah apartemen dan mulai berlari. Ada dua orang yang sudah mulai pemanasan untuk berenang. Saya menghindar dari kolam renang dulu dan menuju ke lapangan basket yang sepi. Nah, di situ baru bisa seru. Lari, loncat-loncat, ... mudah-mudahan tidak ada yang melihat (dari atas apartemen). Itu orang gila atau apa? ha ha ha. Biarin. Yang penting hati riang dan badan sehat. Harus cari hal-hal yang membuat kita tidak bosan dengan rutinitas. Hidup ini harus bermakna. Tidak hanya sekedar berjalan seperti zombie ... Selamat pagi. Mudah-mudahan hari ini memberi kecerahan dan barokah.

Ballpoint story

I need a ballpoint. took two ballpoints. none worked. took another one. didn't work. grrr ... that does it! took 5 ballpoints. 3 works. muuuaaahhh to the 3 that saved me ...

On One Sunday Morning

I love jogging. This morning ... it was (and still is) a beatiful day. Sunny but not hot. I jogged with my wife around our neighboring environment. Boy, it was beautiful. I guess it is the same feeling for those who live in big cities (say, Jakarta) and go out a mountain are (like Puncak). But it's better. ha! I took my iPod with collection songs from Jadis (mostly from their "More than meets the eyes"). I am excited, thrilled. If you saw me, you'll think I am a crazy person. Jumping around while jogging. I don't care. I was picturing myself on a stage, playing their songs. During the rockin' beat (like in "G 13") I would jump around following the bass beat. Ah, what a wonderful feeling. Free ... yipee ... I've go to master this song and play it in a gig. I just have to find others who happen to like Jadis.

You stood me up!

How do you feel if somebody stood you up? Well, for me, I can only said ... you stood me up. [then silently dissapear from your life. would i give second chance? don't know for sure. when i am still mad, of course the answer is a bold no . let me ease down from your dream.]

New Years in Hotels

For three years straight, I spent new years even in hotels in Singapore. This year it was even worse, since I was alone in the hotel. The previous two, I was with my family. So that was okay. Want to know what's worse? This year, I spent it not in my room but in the hotel's computer room typing something in my blog. Blogging past new year. Isn't that something? Or is it sad? I don't know. Earlier actually I was with my daughter in a BBQ party, with some friends. We decided to go home before midnight. My daughter had to go back to her dorm. So we left before midnight. I went to the hotel afterwards. And there I was ... few minutes before midnight, in front of a computer, in a business center. Ha! Let's see what's gonna happen next year. Happy new year ...

No lines? No posting.

I've been trying to keep up writing in this blog, but I cannot compete with my other blog (in Bahasa Indonesia). There, I write 3 to 5 postings a day or more. Here? You'll get lucky if I write one a week. (I don't know if "lucky" is the correct word there.) What goes? Thing is, it is now more difficult for me to write interesting lines in English. I heard something like this. What? No lines? How could you write a book if you have no (interesting) lines? That's why. I don't have interesting lines. So ... no lines, no posting!