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Good To Great, a great book

A while ago, somebody wrote that there are books that want to be read and those that don't. Jim Collins' book, " Good to Great: why some companies make the leap and others don't ," definitely is one of the books that want to be read. It's a good, no ..., great book! I have not finished reading it and could not put it down. Originally I wanted to read " Built to Last, " also by Jim Collins. While visiting a friend's office I saw " Good to Great " and borrowed it. I guess I have to get my own copy and perhaps also get " Built to Last ." One of the things that I have in mind when I started my companies is that I want to make them great companies. I am still struggling with them right now, but I believe they will become great companies! It's time to finish reading the book and implement the wisdom. Wish me luck!

The coolest person (orang paling keren) NOT!

I am really disturbed with current thread on "orang paling keren" (the coolest person?). Basically, it came up as a challenge to trick search engine to put pages (from Multi Level Marketing - MLM - users) at the top page of Google and Yahoo. (If you want to find out more about this, check my page on " orang paling keren " but it's in Bahasa Indonesia. And here is a serious article about " paling keren ") According to Priyadi , the coolest person is Chewbacca. I think NOT! He is not "orang paling keren", because he is not "orang" (human). On the other hand, he is closer to orang utan . ha ha ha. In any case, he is not the coolest person. (By the way, if you don't get it, this post and link is to generate traffic and increase Priyadi's rank.) One interesting thing I found is that the search results from Google and Yahoo differ greatly. Go crazy about it ... On Yahoo's, Priyadi's page is number one (which is the corr

Truce Among Operating Systems

In various mailing lists I've seen debate - no, war - among operating system lovers. They defend their OS religiously. It's really a war. I love operating systems. In fact, I used to be an OS maniac, obsessed with OS. Whenever a new OS came out, I had to try it. One OS that made an impression to me was Oberon. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to tinker anymore. The latest OS that I played with was GNU/Hurd. Now, I am just a plain OS user. That is why I want to have a truce among operating systems. Can we do that? If you see in my picture, there are different operating systems. From left to right: Microsoft Windows (not really shown because a web was shown instead), Mac OS X (on an iBook G4), and GNU/Linux Debian. Yes, I use all of those OSs on daily basis.