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Do We Need Business Incubators?

I just got back from  InnovFest 2014 reception (dinner). One of the frequently questions I got was if I were from a business incubator. I said I am not. I am just a technopreneur and a mentor for several startups. Then, I keep on thinking, do we really need a business incubator? Business incubators are similar to incubators used for premature babies. They are used to give those babies fighting chance against the world. The same thing for business incubators. They help startups. If you have a baby, would you dream to have your baby going through incubator? Probably not. You want your baby to be healthy and can face the world. But, I have a feeling that if somebody (you) starts a start-up, he (you) would like to get into an incubator. Strange. What do you think?

Election Day, Today

Today, April 9, 2014 is election day in Indonesia. While many people will not vote, there are more people who are going to election booths. You'll see lots of tweets (twitter of course) and posts on Facebook, Path, and the like. Myself? I have just got back from voting booth a few minutes ago. God Bless Indonesia ...