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Showing posts from February, 2021

Starting to Podcast

I've been searching for ways to do podcasting. Years actually, but I could not find an easy way to do a podcacst. I am a techie person. If I cannot do it, then it is going to be difficult for ordinary person to do a podcast. Enter I am not sure how I came across, but this is the solution that I am looking for. If you want to do a podcast, all you have to do is record your voice in a file and then upload the file to That's it. They will distribute your podcast to all kinds of podcasting sites. Spotify is one of them. Interesting. Then, I realized that is actually part of Spotify. Ha. Now, I am podcasting. It's in here: What I do is actually take the audio part of my YouTube videos and upload them to Most of my YouTube videos do not need the video parts. They can be listened to. So, that's what I do. Enjoy.

Discussing New WhatsApp Privacy Policy

Last night, I was part of a discussion on the new WhatsApp (WA)'s privacy policy. What is the impact to all of us. My points were actually the same as the one posted in my blog. ( Here . In Bahasa Indonesia.) It's just a different audience and different way of delivering the content.   Anyway, I hope the event is useful to the audience. On to next topics.