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Goodbye BlackBerry, Welcome Android

Not long ago, whenever I meet somebody, I was asked for my BlackBerry (BB) pin. These days I rarely got this question. Mobile phone number was asked instead. Facebook notifications also mentioned that many of my friends are starting to use Facebook for Android application. It means that they are switching from BB to Android-based phone. Recent status from a friend also showed this trend. What does all of this mean? It means that Android is replacing BlackBerry in Indonesia. We used to be a big market for BB, but now it is declining. Long time ago I urged BB to open a research center in Indonesia. To investigate our behavior, why we loved BB. You cannot do this from remote. It has to be here, in Indonesia. BB was nice at one point. Its price packaging was great at that time. You can send as many messages as you like with BBM. At that time we have to pay for SMS. Very small amount of money, but still in our mind we have to pay while BBM is "free". We forgot that there i

On being a leader

Leadership is one of my fav subject. I want to know and write about this topic, but time is so limited right now. Let me throw this issue. Why is now difficult to find a leader? We've seen this in all part of the world. Lack of leader(s) what got us in this situation. When we read history that there are many leaders in the past. Be that they're cruel, but still leaders. But now, in many elections we are faced with no good candidate. What happened to us? Do we eat the wrong food? Wrong climate? Education? Or what?

Confusing Seesmic Ping

I use(d) seesmic to do my tweeting. It has a nice web interface, which I customized so that it uses different fonts and the like. I love it. But, now seesmic is pushing users to use its "seesmic ping". There are things that I don't like. First of all, seesmic ping only allows you to post tweet. I don't know how to read tweets that I follow. For that I have to use another application / web site. Then, what's the purpose of using seemic ping? Second, the plan that I choose is the free plan. It only gives 10 posts / day. What? Even for me, who on average only tweet 14 times a day, it is too low. Right now it even won't allow me to post, saying that I have exceeded the account limit even though I have not posted at all. So I guess, now, I am looking for alternatives ...