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(why) expensive internet access in hotels

Last week I was invited to give presentations in Yogyakarta. The venue was in a 5-star hotel. The hotel and the event was great, but ... my (biggest) complaint is internet access. Internet access in this hotel was expensive. For 24-hour access, it costs US$16. Okay, to some of you this might be acceptable but not for me. Not far from the hotel, on the street outside the hotel area, there were internet cafes. Internet access there was much cheaper. I think this situation is not unique to Yogyakarta. It happens in all parts of the world. I still don't understand why hotels charge an arm and a leg for internet access. They are not in the business of making money from telecommunication, right? If they are, then they should open game center or internet cafe (with lots of computers). They should offer free internet access as part of their service. Focus on the service. Many friends told me that I should get 3G/3.5G/UMTS access (from cellular companies) instead of relying on hotel serv

Problem with Mac OS after update

My iBook G4 (tiger) is having a problem I updated the software. There was an infinite loop of "Your network settings have been changed by another application" pop up when I tried to configure the network. Apparently lots of people had the same problem after the latest security update is applied. Arrrghhh. After following the discussion below, I managed to "fix" the problem. (Basically, I removed all locations except automatic in the Airport configuration.) I can't beleive that Apple is so sloppy in their product (software). Oh well...