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My photo gears

This year I've been blessed with new photo gears. They are: Pentax Optio H90 (pocket camera) Nokia N8 (cellphone) Nikon D3100 (DSLR) I bought the Pentax as a replacement for my great Samsung L730. My daughter took the Samsung. Pentax Optio H90 is an inexpensive digital camera, yet it can produce great photos. The next one, Nokia N8, was given to me as a gift. The quality of its camera is superb. It even beats the Pentax. Of course, N8 has 12 Megapixels and Carl Zeiss lens. The next one is Nikon D3100. I've always wanted to have a "real" camera. After asking questions and reading various reviews, I decided to get Nikon D3100. It's a great camera. So now, I have no excuses but to produce great photos. Now, if I can only do that ... :)

Best twitter client

I was looking for new (and better) twitter client(s). So, I started googling with the terms "best twitter clients". Suprisingly, there was only one article dated 2010. There rest were dated 2009. Does that mean "there's no new twitter client?" Or, the best twitter client is still the best. Or, nobody wrote a newer article. Which one is it? So, what's the best twitter client? Or, is there a newer twitter client around? BTW, I am still using web interface.

Internetworking Indonesia Journal (IIJ) Vol.2/No.2 has been published

This is to let you know that Vol.2/No.2 (2010) of the Internetworking Indonesia Journal (IIJ) has been published. You can see the papers at the following site: We would like to thank you again for your papers and for your support of the IIJ. We hope the IIJ can one day become Indonesia’s national journal for the field of ICT and Internet development. We look forward to receiving your future papers. On behalf of the IIJ, we wish you Happy Holidays and best wishes for New Year. Regards. Thomas Hardjono (MIT) Budi Rahardjo (ITB) Kuncoro Wastuwibowo (PT Telkom)

(the so called) tech experts

It amazes me to see how many people claim that they are experts in {social network, tech gadgets, ... name what you like}. Reading their blogs doesn't convince me that they do. Most of these people did not even work in the field, nevermind starting companies in that field. Me? I don't know. I am a builder (meaning I code and also start [tech] companies) but I also dreams (meaning I envision things and convince people to get into the bandwagon). Most of the time I do things based on my guts (and previous success or failures) and then looking for the theory behind what I did. Most of the time, a few years latter somebody found the theory behind it. And only by then, the "experts" started to yap ... Oh well ...

What holiday means

I think holidays are overrated. To me, holiday is just another day. Instead of working on campus or client site, I work at home (or whatever places that I want to be). That's the difference :) Maybe I am lucky to have a working environment that is like this; work, play, family, friends, hobby, etc... they blend in. I don't have to separate things. And I do love what I am doing.

Good morning

This shot was taken with my brand new Nokia N8. Not bad at all.

Morning photos

It's a beautiful Sunday morning in Bandung. Clear sky with cool breeze (I think it's around 20 degree Celcius). Time to jog and take some photos around the house or nearby sites. So here it is ... There are beautiful houses in my area, which is quite hilly. You can see the sourounding mountains. And on a different neighborhood, I found these beatiful houses Good morning folks ...

non-iPad Flipboard application?

I am blown by Flipboard application on iPad. You just have to see it to believe it. Basically, it takes data from your social network streams (twitter, facebook, etc.) and layout the content in a magazine like display. You can flip between pages just like you flip a magazine. The thing is, they layout the data in an elegant fashion! Now, I am looking for Flipboard application for my Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux :) Please somebody, write one ...

Do I miss winter?

Bandung is so cold this morning. I posted this in my facebook status and then there was a question, is this winter? or is this compareable to winter? Obviously, it is not comparable. Especially, if we were to compare this to Winter in Winnipeg (place where I lived for a while). Now, do I miss winter? I don't know the answer to this question. There were times that I hate winter with passion. But, there are times when I remember the good winter times. Especially, spending time with friends and family. Once in a while I do get dreams about winter time. I don't know if you could interpret that as missing winter. So to answer the question, my answer would be ... maybe :)

What a week

This week is a busy week for me. Many things to do starting from early morning (like 3 AM) till night (like 11 PM). Good thing I am in good health so I can cope with the schedule. Thank God for that. Perhaps it is the end of the year, where everything is kinda must be closed. Projects must be closed. Courses must me marked. Financial reports must be generated. And such. Next week? We'll see. I have turned down some offers (to give presentations and such). I don't think I can handle that. Hey, I need a break. I am not a robot (am I?).

Reason(s) to do things

Sometimes people do not understand the reason(s) that I do certain things. They are usually simple and yet, people don't get it. For example, I help people just because it is the right thing to do. Or, I give respect to a dead person because of respect (among humans). The thing is, many people do things just to impress other people. When there are people around, they look like doing things. But when they are no people looking, they'll stop doing. I think, that's wrong. But, who am I to judge? I'll keep doing things the way they are now ... They make me happy and I think that's the most important thing.

Everything is slow

For some reasons, I got the feeling that access to my other blog ( ) is slower. Maybe they're getting too many users? Or is this just my feeling? Samething with twitter. What's going on? Is the slowness happening only on my end? (that is, too many users in my area / Indonesia?) Oh well ...

Morning ...

[taken a couple hours ago around the house. bandung, 5 december 2010] Good morning ...

Teaching how to give presentation in English

yesterday, I was asked to tutor a bunch of students on how to give presentation in English. Mind you, English is not our first languange. Heck, it is probably our third or fourth languange. So, it was a challenging situation - an undestatement. On top of that, my tutorial was part of a 3-day tutorial. I didn't know what was given before my sesion. The session started with a contunuation of previous session, which was making a presentation. (Again, I didn't know what they were taught before.) So, I went along. Then, it was the presentation session. I divided the class into 5 to 6 person groups. There were 6 groups. And I told them that each of the member has to talk in front. How they divide was up to them. Presentation was set at 18-minutes/group. I asked the group to come forward one by one and I took notes of their presentations. At the end we discussed their presentations. The result was okay. All of them made their presentations in time! It was amazing. I was afraid they

want an iPad?

A few days ago, a friend of mine sent me a text message and it became a thread like this. "Do you have an iPad?" "No. Why?" "Ok. I'll deliver it to you." "HAH??? What do you mean?" [no answer] And yesterday I got an iPad. Just like that ... No, I am not joking. This is not a hoax. This is a true story. And now, let me play with it ...

Creating Exams

Creating an exam is an art. Or is it scince? I would go for art. I am trying to create questions that can measure student's understanding. The questions are "simple", in a sense that if you know it you will be able to answer it quickly (of course) but it would take forever to guess it. But, this is the kind of "know/don't know" question. Black and white. Especially if it is done through multiple choice-type question. It's easy to mark, but it doesn't have the granularity that I need. I guess, essay questions are still needed. Okay, I'll throw in 4 essay questions. Good luck in your exam tomorrow ...

My uptime

Yesterday my uptime was 20 hours, meaning I slept only four hours (actually less). I woke up at 4AM, since we were planning to go to Jakarta by 6AM. Then I went to sleep the next day at 1 AM. Between that I drove from Bandung to Jakarta, had a meeting in the morning after arrived in Jakarta, a presentation in the afternoon until evening, a wedding invitation in the evening, and drove back to Bandung. What a busy day. So today, I was sleepy. But I had to wake up early because I had a soccer match at 8AM. So I woke up at 4AM (meaning I only slept 3 hours), did shalat Subuh (Fajr), slept for another 15 minutes or so, had breakfast, and off to the field at 7Am (must buy water in cup first). Then, we had a soccer match until 10AM. Arrived at home aroun 11-ish and had to do laundry (doing team jersey). Then, around noon went to a wedding invitation in Cimahi. So now ... I am tired :)

Does Scale Matter in Design?

In terms of design theory (is there such a thing), does scale change the design methodology? Architecture? Let me give you examples. If I want to design a 100-floor hotel, can I use the architecture of a 2-floor hotel and just stack it up 50 times? If I cannot, what makes it so (design-wise)? If I want to design a 256-bit counter, can I use an 8-bit counter and replicate it 64 times? (Don't I need an architectural change?) Is there architectural diference(s) for a software / application for 100 users and 1 million users? Can anybody point me to a good reference on the effect of scale in engineering design?

Still Need to Chop Trees

I am a computer nerd. I spent countless hours in a day in front of computers. But, for some reasons I still find it hard to read long documents on screen. I don't read eBooks, but I could spend hours and hours and hours reading blogs though :) I still prefer to print the documents, take them with me, read them in any place, scribble notes on them, and when I am ready to make changes then I work on the electronic version. Is there something wrong with me? And ... I am sorry universe, we still need to chop trees to cater for my paper need :((

Craving for more 7-like event(s)

After a week pushing myself to document ("draw") my days, it is now over. It was a tough committment. Capturing things and thinking of creative ideas were tough. But, strange thing is happening. I kinda want to do this again. Maybe I need a challenge? (As if I don't have too many to dos in my list.) I can do this on my own, but that's no fun :p

seven: day 7

This is the last day of 7-activity ... phew ... finally. Yay... I am able to "draw" 7 days of my life. Although the first day was more verbose, textual, than pictorial. But, that's ok, I guess. It's part of the learning process.

seven: day 6

seven: day 5

seven: day 4

seven: day 3

seven: day 2

seven-1: day one

Twas started at 1 AM. Yeah, I was all excited to participate with this seven that I thought I should get a head start. ha ha ha. That was a lie and you know it. But, really, I was up and I thought I capture some of the moment in that hour. Took my camera and shot some 1 o'clock artifacts. ... fast forward ... morning ... it was cloudy and gloomy . I hate every bit of it. But, this is weekend. I have a habbit to take photos in my surrounding area. There shouldn't be an exception to this. Here's one of the snapshots. There are a lot of flowers in our garden. I wanted to take photos but remembered that I have taken zillion photos of them and uploaded to by blog. Maybe my readers are bored already with those pictures. but, heck ... Then, I took my son for a driving lesson. In Indonesia, most cars use manual stick (although automatic gears are becoming popular). Not that easy teaching to balance between gas, clutch, and break pedals. [Took pictures ...] went back home

seven-0: prolog

I wanted to participate in SEVEN , which is started today, but I could not draw. I could try, but I know it doesn't do justice. It will hurt your eyes :) ha ha ha. I am thinking of using photos, stretching the definition of "drawing" :) I hope they don't mind. In terms of which blog (site) to publish the content, I'll use this blog. Originally, I thought of using my other blog (, but I might want to write other things during the SEVEN. This blog is rarely updated. So, it is a perfect combination in a sense. So, here goes ...

Want some?

Noodle and meat balls ( mie baso ) is a (very) common Indonesian food. This one has fried tofu in it. I love my mie baso plain, but most people would put soya sauce and ... chilli sauce. Hot! Yummy.

The fly ...

Which way to go

[taken on one fine morning in bandung, br - october 2010]

Will post more often, but ...

Here's the situation. I've been writing consitently(?) in my other blog ( ), neglecting this one. But, I feel that Imight post too much there. So, I am thinking of post what I could not post there in this blog. Not that the posts are not going to be good (read: junk), but too much of good thing is not good :) Brace yourself ... here we go ...

Cloudy Bandung

It rains everyday in Bandung. Usually it rains afternoon for a couple hours. Sometimes it stops and starts again in the evening :( It causes flooding in certain part of Bandung. To be frankly, I don't know whether this is rainy or dry season. There's no pattern. I blame it on global warming. [taken on a "clear" morning - br, october 2010]

Rise and shine ...

[a picture of a man working in his field on one early morning]

Talk or not to talk (about problems) in organization

It is interesting to note that many organizations (or people in organizations) do not want to talk about organization problem(s) openly - but still internal in the organization. They like to hide it under the carpet and hope it will go away automagically . One of the places I work for is such an organization. Ouch . Hush hush ... we don't have problems here. Yeah, right ... :)

Playing MP3 backwards?

In the "old age", meaning music was available on records or cassettes, you could play a music backwards. It's not an easy thing to do, but doable. You play the media, physically, backwards. There are stories that you can hear certain kind of messages, weird ones, if you play certain song backwards. I don't know whether it's true or not, but certainly it is interesting. Now everything is available in digital format. Songs are (mostly) in MP3 format. Now, the question is ... is it possible to play a digital song backwards? It should be possible, right? All you have to do is write a simple program to do it? :) [the answer: use audacity. now, let's find some interesting songs ... :) any recommended ones?]

School is starting

School (university) is starting. It's a brand new semester. I started the class today. Actually, I should have started yesterday buy I decided to dismiss the class yesterday (waiting for more students to register - or, to be exact, I wasn't ready. ha ha ha.). My class today is " Introduction to Information Technology ." The class is an international class, with students from Malaysia. I was told that there are 22 students (pending registration), but today there were less than that. We'll see next week whether the number is growing or not. Part of the assignment today is they have to create a blog. I was surprised that only one (1) student actually has an active blog! I thought this generation, Y generation?, is really into blog and the like. I guess I was wrong. So there you go my quick entry ...

Good Morning

It has been a while since I updated this page, eh. The thing is I have too many blogs to update :-) Oh well. This morning I thought it is going to rain. A few raindrops have fallen. I went outside to pick up newspaper before it is wet. But then, it's sunny. Whoa. I hope it is sunny the whole day, cause I don't like rainy days (and some people, ... Monday). Wet Monday? It can bring our mood down. Good morning (sunshine)...

Sports and (un)fitness

I have just got back from a futsal match. It was a good game, but now I've got a pounding headache. In another point in time, I was injured after the game. Now, it got me thinking. The reason I want to do sports is to make me healthy and fit. I am not looking for a headache, or God forbid, injury. But ... What do you think?

Why do I need new songs?

A question just popped in my head; "why do I need new songs?" Why do I buy CDs, download songs, and so on? I've got too many songs already in my computers, in my CD and cassette collections. I don't think I will ever finish listening to all of them.

Water conservation

I love taking a long hot shower. When I was living in Canada, I could stand in the shower for long minutes (I was going to write hours, but I don't think I would spend hours taking shower :)). It felt so good. Now, I cannot do it. In developing countries, although water is perhaps abundance, clean water is expensive (and rare in some places). You just can't spend long minutes taking a shower. You have to budget your water usage. In this sense, we are taking good care of the earth. Not because we want to, but mostly because we have to. Think differently. It is unfair that people in developed countries use resources more than underdeveloped or developing countries. Not just use more, but use it ineffieciently. The richer gets things easier ... That's life?


I am sorry that this blog has been sidetracked. It's not my intention. It's just my time management has gone awry. Too many things to do, too little time. Oh well. I hope I can write more here. This is just to say that this blog is still alive :) or at least, I want it to be alive ...

what to do with multiple song files

I am in the process of cleaning my harddisk. It is getting full. One thing I notice is that my music (mp3) collection is not well organized. Well, it is sort of organized but not efficient. Here's a case. I organize song according to the artis' album. What do you do with songs that are the same but distributed in different albums? For example, the song is in the original album and also in several compilations (the best of, collection of this and that, and so on). Do you keep multiple copies? Or do you just keep one? If you keep only one, in which album do you organize the song in? Right now, I keep multiple copies so that when I transfer an album (or compilation), I just copy one directory. This takes too much disk space.

3 candles for earth hour

We were just finished joining earth hour event. We turned off all electricity stuff in our house for 1 hour. Computers off. Unplugged UPS. Even, we unplugger refrigerator. The only source of light was three candles. Vote earth!


Yaaayyy. My other blog ( ) is nominated for some kind of blog awards. It's kind of deja vu. This blog was nominated as one of the best blog in Indonesia light years ago :) I know you don't believe it, but it's true. I have a scan version of the news (in the media).

Bilingual blog

You know, it is tough to have a bilingual blog. You have different crowds to satisfy. This blog is originally in Bahasa Indonesia, then in English, then Indonesia, then ... well, you know. I kinda indecisive about the choice of language. I know that the choice of language depends on the people reading the blog. But, when you have people with different languages, what do you do?

annoying facebook feature

I hate facebook uploading photo "feature". First of all, if I want to update a phone in a certain folder, I have to open that folder first. The thing is, to open the folder means images of the folder must be shown. Granted, the images are smaller versions but they still take time to view. I cannot select the folder without having to go through this process. After uploadin the photo, before it is being published, the list of photos is again displayed. Again, I have to wait until all the photos are shown. This is a pain if I have a folder with lots of pictures and I am uploading the photo one by one. I guess this is my problem because I have a slow internet connection. This wouldn't be a problem if you have a fast internet connection. Oh well ...

Have not finished a book in a while

I was interviewed recently. One of the question was, what was the latest book that you have (finished?) reading. I startled. I just could not answer that question. Oh my God. I have not finished reading any book in quite a while. In this current time frame, I just have too many things to do (mostly reading and writing) that I don't have time to read books. I love reading books. I really do, but what can I do? I am not trying to find lame excuses. It's just ... aaarrrggghhh ...


Our band, BandIT, is active again. Gigs are in waiting in line. It's time for us to practice again. Lots of hard work, but we enjoy doing it. We play cover songs. What we want to play is classic and progressive rock, but sometimes we play pop songs as well. Just to make sure that the audience stay put :) [taken from February 2010 practice - Garin is missing in the picture]


I guess I shouldn't complain that we've got rains every day. Usually, rain starts in this afternoon and it ends in the evening. Sometimes it goes until morning. Sometimes it feels too much. What can I do? This is rainy season in Bandung, Indonesia. Embrace it ... Enjoy it ...

when you love what you're doing

One of my students asked me, why I still teach on time even though I have a hectic schedule. The answer is ... when you love what you're doing, you'll make up time to do it. I love teaching. That's it. It's very simple. At one point in my life, I even taught classes without getting paid. Just because I love doing it. So, there ...

ipad? not yet ...

For some reasons, I am not too excited with the development of ipad. Yeah, it must be a great product, but ... don't know. One of my main concerns is battery lifetime. How long it would last for my regular usage? For example, I am already in the 2nd cycle charging my MacBook today. The same thing with my (old, first generation?) ipod. Its battery already died! oh well ...

Confused with Shelfari

I just thought that I should add books that I have recently read to . I have an account there but have not logged in for quite a while. Now, I am stuck and don't know what to do. It seems that I cannot add a book directly by typing the author and the title of the book. I can do a search, but the book that I was trying to add (Perahu Kertas by Dewi Lestari) was not found. So there's no way to add the book to my virtual bookshelf. Oh well. Let me try another virtual bookshelf like

Plastic Waste

Just what do you think our world would become? Here's a picture taken from a trash bin near my office (on campus). Oh... all those plastic. :((

My first gig this year ...

Last night was my first gig this year. It was tiring … We had to play for more than a dozen songs. My shoulder is still in pain this morning. But, it was fun. Let’s see how many gigs will I have this year … Hopefully a lot ...

Good Morning

Greetings from Bandung, from ITB to be exact. This week is the first week of school. This term I am teaching two classes. Originally, I was listed in two other classes. I asked other lecturers to take over those classes. Now, I have two classes only. Well, I was surprised to see the number of students taking my class; 83 (and perhaps more). Oh boy... The class was design to accomodate 40-ish students. I have to find an assistant to help me marking students' assignments. My other class, which is a grad level, is smaller. I think there are 40-ish students. I can handle that. Unfortunately, I have to change the schedule for this class because it was exactly the same time slot as my other class. So wish me luck this semester ...

Catching Up

School year has started yesterday. Everybody is on campus. Information (importan and not-so-important) is starting to flow. The gate has been opened. It's time to catch up with this and that. I have to delete lots of stuff (emails) these days. Oh well ...

Facebook in Indonesia - the need for IT research center in Indonesia

I was told that in terms of number of Facebook users, Indonesia is number 3 in the world - after USA and UK. [reference / url needed] Whoa! This is something that you cannot predict. I can assure you that this is true. In Indonesia, everybody (and his/her pets) perhaps has facebook account. Some even have more than one accounts. (One for each personality? ha ha ha.) The number of Facebook users in Indonesia exceeds the number of people in Singapore and Malaysia! Take that! Because of Facebook, many people buy BlackBerry (BB). Yes, you may want to check with RIM that the number of BlackBerry users in Indonesia is unbelievably large. I guess, we can safely say that facebook is a killer application for BlackBerry. At least, that is true in Indonesia. My point is that Indonesia is an important market for BlackBerry and Facebook. This is also true for Nokia. (Indonesia is perhaps the biggest market for Nokia smartphone, such as communicator!) Why Facebook and BlackBerry are popular in I

Good Morning ...

Good morning ... blue sky ... bright heart Greetings from Bandung, Indonesia ...


It is interesting (and ... believe it or not, nice) that this blog has become irrelevant. Meaning, nobody visited this blog intentionally. :) A few years ago, this blog was in the top 10 of Indonesian blogs! I understand completely if you don't believe it, but it is true. I am not making this one up. I guess, a few years ago there were not many blogs. Today, there are too many good blogs to visit (and read). So, this blog is nothing ... At the same time I am more focused on my other blog . A deadly combination for this blog :) [Ok, I am planning to write more on this blog.] The good thing about this is that I can post anything I like and nobody will notice it :)

Nice article ...

Two days ago, Hafiz gave me this paper: The Uneasy Relationship Between Mathematics and Cryptography Export by: Neal Koblitz Notices of the AMS, Vol. 54, No. 8. (September 2007), pp. 973-979. Done reading it. Wow. It's a great article explaining what happened behind the hood. Need more articles like this. Anybody?

coffee - awaken

no, this is not a song list. I’ve just got my coffee … the thing is, i shouldn’t drink too much coffee. there’s going to be two meetings today. so, i have to choose which meeting i will have coffee and which one i will be in a unknown-(unstable?)-state. and … i already have had my coffee (right now). i don’t want to think about the meetings. whatever will be, will be let me enjoy my coffee …

To catch ideas

Ideas. ... floating around ... ready to be captured ... written down ... imortalized Now. ... spread your net ... to catch them ... to persuade them ... to be imortalized

Too Many Distractions

My plan for today is marking students exams. Boy ... there's too many distractions. I've got these new musical DVDs. I took sneak preview of those. Oh boy, they are so good that I want to watch them right now. Then, I wanted to update my blogs. There are so many ideas floating around. I've got to capture them and write them down before they run away. Then, books and stuff I wanted to read. Things I want to do (like cleaning up the pile of stuff in my desk). Grrr... the timing is so perfect! Like they know that I have to work. Now they tease me. I just can't say no to them. What to do?

Driving in Indonesia

I have just posted in my other blog a question on hazard sign usage. Some people here use it to indicate that they want to go straight. The logic is something along this line; if you want to turn left, give a left turn signal; if you want to turn right, give a turn right signal; if you want to go straight? ... turn left and right at the same time. Turn the hazard lamp on! Wow??? No, I am not joking. After asking around, some people think that this is a correct behavior. That's what they were taught by their friends and family. They never bother reading what's the correct usage. (Hey, is there such manual?) So, be careful when driving in Indonesia.

2009 flash back: academic stuff

What did I do in 2009? In terms of academic stuff, my students and I produced 5 papers. I wrote 2 books. Not bad. Here are the papers Budi Sulistyo, Budi Rahardjo, Dimitri Mahayana, On Applicability of Chaos Game Method for Block Cipher Randomness Analysis, International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Volume I, Selangor, Malaysia, IEEE Computer Society, August 2009. Budi Sulistyo, Budi Rahardjo, Dimitri Mahayana, Carmadi Machbub, New Methodology of Block Cipher Analysis Using Chaos Game, submitted to ICT Journal, ITB, 2009. Budi Sulistyo, Budi Rahardjo, Dimitri Mahayana, Carmadi Machbub, Randomness Analysis of Block Cipher Using Chaos Game Method, International Conference on Rural Information and Communication Technology 2009, ITB, 17 June 2009. Samuel Beta, Bambang Riyanto, Armein Z. R. Langi, Budi Rahardjo, Penguraian Tugas Sinkripsi untuk Kriptografi pada Jaringan Ad Hoc, Journal Elektronika dan Telekomunikasi, Vol. IX, No. 2, LIPI, 2009. Budi Rahardjo, Mari

Waiting for the 2 million-th hit

Everyday my other blog ( ) is visited by more than 1000 hits daily. Currently, it has reached 1,999,079 hits. Well, tomorrow (hopefully) it will reach 2 million. Who will be the lucky person? (as if it is that important. ha ha ha. but, still... 2 million is not a small number. I am kinda proud of that blog.)

gmail invalid (expired) certificate

I have just opened my gmail mailbox using firefox and I was refused with an "untrusted connection". It is said that the site is untrusted and that the certificate is invalid. This is strange. I got scared. I was afraid that I typed the wrong URL (address) and got a malicious site. Phishing? After browsing the internet I found out that the problem is with my system clock/date. When I booted the computer, it went to the CMOS setup (for some reasons). I guess I have to replace the CMOS battery. Anyway, I got my computer (Windows XP) to boot up. I didn't realize that the system date was messed up. It was set to 2006. (Now, it's 2010!) I corrected the date and time. Everything is fine now. Firefox and gmail are now happy. Phew ...

First Monday

Today is the first Monday of 2010. It's not bad. In fact, it is a great day. So for those who don't like Mondays, perhaps this is an exception. I don't like Mondays ... :)

New Song Book

I have just got a song book from a friend. It's a copy actually. But, what makes this song book so interesting is that all the songs - 400 of them - were written by hand! I am not kidding. By hand! Here's a picture of it. I am enjoying the book right now. Reading the songs one by one. They are popular songs in the 70s and 80s, so I know most of them. Right now, I am adding chords to the songs. This book inspires me to do a similar thing; collecting lyrics and chords of songs that I like. It is difficult to find songs that I like in one book. Most of the songs I like are not common :) Thus, I am on my own. Hmm... let me find time to do this personal project.

Feedburning this blog

Reading somewhere, I was asked to add this blog to feedburner(.com). To be frankly, I am not familiar with feedburner. So, I followed the instruction and add this blog to it. Since I have just added the blog, there's not much I can do. I wanted to analyze and optimize this blog. I'll wait a few days to see how this one goes. In the mean time, let me read all the docs related to feedburner. In any case, here's the feedburner feed and my other blog So, what can you do with feedburner?


Happy new year ... This is my first post in this blog in 2010. I hope that this year will bring happiness to all of us. Now, let's start the day ...