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Food Photography

It looks like that I photo food a lot. The reason is very simple, there are always food around me :) So I just have to photograph them. (Some thing with flowers, actually.) Maybe I should learn (and focus) more on food photography?

Jury Duty

I am typing this while serving as a jury on an e-government award. It is interesting to see how e-government is becoming better. (I wanted to say more mature, but it is still a long way to go.) Most e-government applications are related to citizen complaints or permits-related.

Colorful Food

These are pictures of food that I have taken recently. Look at their colors ... wow!


There will be times when we have differences (in opinions, ways to do things, etc.). It is sad if those differences can break relationships and friendships. The most important thing is that we don't have bad or malicious intention toward each other or do things that make the other parties ill feel. Folks, I hope we can have long lasting relationship and friendship.