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Python Language

Finally, I decided to create a (YouTube) video. This time, it is about the Python programming language. In this video I talked about why Python is the language of today. (Not sure 5 years down the line.) Enjoy the video. Unfortunately the video is in Bahasa Indonesia. When I have the time, I'll make an English version of this. Come to think of it, there are already tons of videos on Python in English. I don't think you'll need another one. I guess, I'll make more videos in Bahasa Indonesia then.


I love coffee. Correction, I LOOOVVVEEE   coffee. There. I made it bold to show how much I love coffee. If you read my other blog (the Indonesian one), you might already know this. As it happens, Bandung - the city where I live - is the best place to get black coffee. You may not believe this, but if you are here, you can see that every 50 meters there is going to be a coffee shop. Most of these coffee shops are using local coffee, Jawa Barat. Although many of them have coffee from other parts of Indonesia (and even outside Indonesia). To show you the variety of coffee that we have here, here is a list of photos of coffee that I've just got recently. (Less than 1 month.) These are just samples. I have more. As you can see, those coffee are from places in Indonesia. I tend to like coffee that are bold. Thus, I like the East part of Indonesia. These days, I like Flores and Papua. Most of these coffee are still beans. You get grounded ones, but most people pre

Will Blog Again

Hi folks, It has been years (not really) since last time I blogged here. (Mind you, my other blog - the Indonesian version - has also been slowed.) The classical "I am busy" excuse is being used here. While this is true, I think I should not use it. ha ha ha. Now, I am planning to write more. Create videos and stuff. Basically, I want to generate more creative content. We'll see how it goes. Cheers.