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Playing MP3 backwards?

In the "old age", meaning music was available on records or cassettes, you could play a music backwards. It's not an easy thing to do, but doable. You play the media, physically, backwards. There are stories that you can hear certain kind of messages, weird ones, if you play certain song backwards. I don't know whether it's true or not, but certainly it is interesting. Now everything is available in digital format. Songs are (mostly) in MP3 format. Now, the question is ... is it possible to play a digital song backwards? It should be possible, right? All you have to do is write a simple program to do it? :) [the answer: use audacity. now, let's find some interesting songs ... :) any recommended ones?]

School is starting

School (university) is starting. It's a brand new semester. I started the class today. Actually, I should have started yesterday buy I decided to dismiss the class yesterday (waiting for more students to register - or, to be exact, I wasn't ready. ha ha ha.). My class today is " Introduction to Information Technology ." The class is an international class, with students from Malaysia. I was told that there are 22 students (pending registration), but today there were less than that. We'll see next week whether the number is growing or not. Part of the assignment today is they have to create a blog. I was surprised that only one (1) student actually has an active blog! I thought this generation, Y generation?, is really into blog and the like. I guess I was wrong. So there you go my quick entry ...