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Presenting Security Today 2011

Last Wednesday I gave a talk on "Security Today 2011" as part of educating our clients (and future clients) about information security. In my talk, I talked about the trend of IT security in which application security is getting more attention. We have been investing our human resources to this relatively new field. We're going to give training(s) on this in June. We'll see you there.

Becoming a star because of YouTube

I guess, you all have familiar with this case; somebody posted a video on YouTube and s/he became popular. Well, it happened (and is still happening) in Indonesia. This time, the star is Briptu Norman from Gorontalo. A video of Briptu Norman lipsyncing an Indian song was posted. (You can use your favorite search engine to find the video.) Apparently, people loved the way he "performed" in the video. Entertaining. And suddenly, all news and TV media wanted to show case him in their shows. He was brought to Jakarta and was asked to sing and dance just like in the video that was posted in YouTube. Norman is an officer in Brimob (Brigade Mobile, an Indonesian National Police special operations force units). His commanding officer(s) support him because this gives a good public relationship, showing the human side of Policeman. So there you go. Another case of a star was born because of YouTube.

hot and spicy

Beatles Night

Last night our band played in Beatles Night at Cafe Dacosta. We played nine songs only. I wish we could play more, but we didn't have time to practise. Oh well. Next time perhaps? In the mean time I am wondering if anybody took some pictures ...