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Darn you Netflix

For the last a couple of weeks, I've been wasting my time watching Netflix. Our family has subscribed to Netflix a few months ago, but we didn't watch it seriously. At least, I didn't. But, for the last weeks (I think it's more than 2 weeks) I have been watching Netflix. What do I watch? Many things. Nothing new, actually. For example, yesterday I have just finished watching Sherlock Holmes, the TV series. I should list movies that I watched. Just for the references. Classes are starting today. I am teaching 4 (or possibly 5) classes. I should stop watching Netflix. But, I wouldn't cancel my subscription yet. I know it is expensive compared to Disney's Hotstar. I know. Let's just wait and see.  

Would Indonesians switch to Telegram (from WhatsApp)? No!

My telegram feed shows a lot of people subscribing to Telegram. What gives? Apparently, many people are starting to install Telegram because they are worried with the latest WhatsApp's privacy policy update. (I should put links here.) So, that's it. In short, in my opinion there's no need for the migration. I have an explanation in a video, but it's in Bahasa Indonesia. It's here. Now, back to the "euphoria" (if you can call it that). Would people start abandoning WA (WhatsApp) and switching to Telegram? Is it for good? I don't think it is happening. It's like abandoning Microsoft Windows for Linux. Linux is as good as Microsoft Windows. (In my personal opinion, Linux is actually better, but this is from a techie person who have been using Linux since its early stage. I am biased.) Have you seen majority of people migrating to Linux? No. People are staying with Windows. Why? Because, we are used to Windows. Linux as a nice desktop too, but it is no

Is reading wasting time?

Here is my "problem", if you can consider this a problem. For some reasons, I feel that I am wasting my time if I am reading. There are many books and other documents that I need to read. Not want, but need. I have to. However, I feel  like I should be writing instead of reading. But to write something I have to know it. How do I know the subject if I don't read it? This "problem" has been there for quite sometime. Because of this I am actually wasting my time; not reading and not writing. I guess, I have to read and give it a time (and schedule) so that I know that I am working. Reading is working . That's what I should have felt. It is still a problem for me to digest that. Reading is working. Reading is working. Reading is working. Maybe if I say it many times, I will believe in it.

Starting 2021

 Happy new year, 2021. This year I have a new resolution. Usually, I don't have a resolution. This year, I am going to write more in this blog. I am going to challenge myself. In my other blog (the one with, I challenge myself to write daily. I want to do the same thing here, but I don't think I could do that. So, I am not going to go there. But, I do want to write more. It's just not daily. On my social media front, this is what I am starting with this year.   Let's go!