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Want some?

Selling through twitter: an Indonesian phenomenon

I am watching "maicih" twitter account. Interesting. Here's an example of an Indonesian entrepreneur, selling hot (potato?) chips, using twitter. The chips are popular and very hot. They scales to measure the hotness. They have moving vehicles (cars) and selling those hot popular chips in various streets in Bandung (and now other cities). If you want to buy their chips, all you have to do is look at (or follow) their twitter account. You'll know where they are. As for me, the chips are to hot for my stomach. I'll pass.

Responding to G+ circles

When somebody put you in a circle, in g+ of course, you are notified. That's fine. But, the problem is there is an urge to add the user in my circle. Well, I just add them in "Misc." circle :)

Thing(s) I hate about G+

I hate retweet (RT). There are occasions that retweet is okay, but most of the time they are not. Google plus makes it easier for people to re-share posting. This is re-tweet in a grander scale! So now, I have the same video clip posted 10 times (or more) in my stream. They take up a lot of screen space. Grrr ...

Tweet or G+

After using Google plus (g+) for a while, I think I am still going to tweet (or whatever g+ equivalent) more in twitter. My reason is very simple; I need statistics of my activities. In twitter, I know the number of tweets I have made and so on. I know if I talk too much (the ratio of #tweets/#follower is much higher - a metric I invented ha ha ha). There's no such feedback (karma of some sort) in google+. Even 4square has badges. I need that kind of feedback.

New Articles

I just wrote two articles in my blog. Unfortunately they are in Bahasa Indonesia. How to upgrade Macbook (aluminum) disk Can Google Plus Beat Facebook? Enjoy ...

Tech start-up is buzzing (again) in Indonesia

There has been a new development in tech start-up companies in Indonesia. Online media companies are taken by big companies. The recent take over is by Chairul Tanjung. Wow! (Some people think that this might be related to politics; as preparation of Indonesian election. Electronic media is important in Indonesia!) The investor scene is also buzzing. Here's an example of Indonesian tech investors . When I have more time, I'll write more on these. In the mean time, let's get the party going on. Woohoo ...