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Showing posts from November, 2002
I've got GNU/HURD up and running, for almost a week now. It's still full with holes, but fun to play with. For example, if I typed "mount", the system would freeze. It's time to do some porting and perhaps help other people to play with HURD. On the other hand, I've got things to do with higher priority (like marking my students papers and exams). I don't feel like doing it though, but I've got to do it. Marking exams for 300 students is no fun. Trust me. Reading papers may present some surprises. So, it is still worth it. Anyway ...
Kemarin, tempatnya tanggal 13 November 2002, di Jakarta saya mendengarkan presentasi dari Richard Stallman yang terkenal dengan GNU/Free Software Foundationnya. Dia bercerita tentang latar belakang Free Software Movement, perbedaannya dengan Open Source Movement, mengapa sistem Linux saat ini lebih tepat dinamakan sistem GNU/Linux, dan beberapa topik lainnya. Mungkin saya akan tulisannya secara lebih detail. Saat ini saya hanya memberitahukan info singkatnya saja.
I was interviewed by CNN (in Indonesia), regarding mass attack (defacing) to some Australian web sites done by the so called Indonesian hackers. Too bad I don't have access to CNN at home. Anyway, I think those crackers ( not hackers! ) are out there just to get popularity. I don't support them.
Welcome to my first posting to my first blogger. I already have my own phpnuke-based web site. But it is a pain to maintain - security hole an stuff. I thought I'll give this blogger a shot.