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The beauty of Internet: picking up old bits and pieces

I love the Internet! I do. I was reading something and read "the pursuit of happiness". That words remind me of something. Oh yes. They reminded me of a band with the same name, " The Pursuit Of Happines " or TPOH. It's a Canadian band, if you're wondering. (Being in Canada for a while, I got used to Canadian bands. They were great!) I remembered a song I loved so much back then, but could not remember the name. No worries. The Internet can help me. Alas, search engine did not help. Try searching with "the pursuit of happines" gave wrong results. I was almost frustrated, but in the end I found what I was looking for, easy enought, at . The song I was looking for is " She's So Young ". It's a beautiful pop rock love song. (The lyrics is not that great. It's too simple, but the melody - guitar chords to be exact - keeps on ringing.) I found the song elsewhere. To my surprise, info on TPOH is also available at

Unique index of all artists and songs in the world

I've been using Last.FM to keep track of songs that I played in my computer. It creates my own top chart . But I noticed that there is a problem; how to differentiate artists with the same name. For example, in the 70s there was a band called " Angel ". Apparently there is also an artist by the same name. (See this page .) The statistics for "Angel" is incorrect. For this particular example, the description of "Angel" is the rock band, but the top songs came from the newer artist. Another example, is " Angels and Airwaves " the same as " Angels & Airwaves "? A small difference. The names refer to the same band, but computer cannot distinguish them. In, the tag " Angels and Airwaves " contains a message saying that the tag is incorrect and we should change it to " Angels & Airwaves ." To solve this problem there should be an index of all artists and songs in the world. We could use the index to

A farewell to Steve Irwin

I would like to say goodbye to Steve Irwin, the Australian Crocodile Hunter. News of his death shocked all of us. Many times I enjoyed watching him on Animal Planet . Sometimes I have to watch with both eyes closed, because of his daredevil action like "hugging" crocodiles. We all love him. He's a truly Australian ambassador to the world. Steve Irwin, thank you for making the world a better place. Your contribution is your ticket to heaven. May you rest in peace.