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We Won't Change

Presidential election is coming soon. Looking at various social media here in Indonesia, people are trying to convince the others about their political choices. One might say that his candidate is better than the other. Worse, many do black campaign over the other candidate. The thing is, they don't realize that we don't change. Most people I know already set their minds on their candidates. Whatever you do won't change that. Would you (change)? I won't. You won't. We won't. Thus, what is this fuss all about?

Black Campaign Againts Jokowi

Presidential election is coming here in Indonesia. One of the strongest candidates is Joko Widodo or Jokowi. Unfortunately, there are a lot of black campaign against him over the internet. Sadly, many people believe this misinformation. Here is a list of some of them. The SMK car. Jokowi was accused of using the popularity of car built by SMK students and now people are accusing that it is actually a Chinese made car. Here is the real story behind it . Yeah, I know about this since I was doing the IT-version of this (for SMK). Jokowi was issued as the son of Oey Hong Liong . This is a bit funny, because Oey Hong Liong is a rich person and you can find his information to find that this is untrue. He's not that old compared to Jokowi. If this is true, he would have had Jokowi when he was 14-years old. (Need link for clarification) Fake orbituary of Jokowi . It is sad that people are doing this. How do you feel if this is done to your father, son, or husband? Here is a clarific

The Need For Slow Apps

While the world is becoming faster, internet-wise, here in Indonesia things are still slow. I still cannot open Google+. Seriously. Nobody believed me. Now, I found the proof. Here's an infograph I found on the internet (need URL). As you can see, we are still a hippo(?). We are even slower than Vietnam. Ouch. With this condition, it is important to design applications. Your application should run on slow speed. That is if you want to grab Indonesia's market. Otherwise, ignore us with your need-for-speed-apps.