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Indonesians Angry at Malaysia

It's hot ... Nowadays, Indonesians are angry at Malaysia. A few days ago, an Indonesia was beaten by Malaysian Policemen. The victim was in Malaysia on a Karate competition. He was a referee in the competition. He was accused as an illegal worker (eg. construction worker?). The beating was unbelievable that he was hospitalized. It's a miracle that he didn't die there. I recieved an email another story. Again, this was about Malaysian's Police brutality against Indonesians. (But, as a side note, somebody also told me that they did the same thing to Malaysians!) How could Malaysians do this to us, Indonesians? I just cannot imagine. I love Malaysia and Malaysians - I have many Malaysian friends - but this incident has created some doubts for me. Could somebody in Malaysia enlighten me? (and bring our trust and love back?) A more complete story is available here (but it's in Bahasa Indonesia):

Singapore Dreaming

Yesterday, I watched a movie called "Singapore Dreaming." I didn't know what to expect since I know nothing of Singaporean movie landscape. One thing I had in mind when I decided to watch that movie is that I want to know how Singaporeans live. The movie is a about the lives of a Singaporean family. Granted this is just a movie, but I could see little things that are true to Singaporeans. Like a mother who scolded her son because he got 95 in his exam (while others got 100). Singaporean is like that, I think. Yes, living in Singapore is stressful. Then, on the radio there was a story about maid abuse. The family is an ordinary Singaporean old couple, living in public housing. They have a daughter and a son (who is coming from the States, he studied there) and their family. It was about hardship, about how to keep bread on the table, but also about wanting to be rich or better living. I want to tell more, but it'll just spoil the movie. You've got to see it yours

Indonesia Independence Day

Today, 17th August 2007, is Indonesia's Independence Day. We celebrate this with different things. In Jakarta, there is a formal ceremony. Here, around my place, the kids were celebrating with a parade. It was a simple parade, but they loved it. Kids wearing different costumes walking around the blocks. Other pictures are available in my other blog . Happy birthday Indonesia!

Watching my Diet

Yesterday I had to watch what I eat. My family and I went to Pascal Hypersquare food arena. I ordered "tempe mendoan," "baso tahu," and "martabak San Francisco." Sorry no screenshot. I forgot to take pictures. In the evening, I didn't feel that good. No, I was not sick, but just didn't feel alright. Maybe it was because I ate too much (with that kind of food). ha ha ha. So, there was no dinner for me. Just fruits. ... ouch! There's a saying that goes something like this; "When I was young, I could not afford to buy (fancy, expensive) food. Now I have the money to buy, but I am not allowed to eat that food (because of age / health)." What can you do?

On Being Indon

Last week I talked to somebody and she was furious about one thing, that is being called "Indon". Apparently, she does not like to be called "Indon" by Malaysians. Ha? Yes, Indonesians are often called "Indon" in Malaysia and apparently that term is considered harsh to some Indonesians. (Appart from Indon another term that is commonly used there in Malaysia is "Bangla", for people from Bangladesh. I don't know how Bangladeshi feel about this.) To be frankly, I don't feel the insult of "Indon" (in Malaysia) or "Indo" (in Singapore). It's just a name. Maybe I am just too insensitive? I don't know. How about you (if you are an Indonesian)? To our friends in Malaysia, please don't call Indonesians "Indon", since some people are offended with that term. Peace ...