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Showing posts from February, 2006

Free voice call war?

Somebody told me to check " VoipStunt " out. It's a free internet phone service. In some countries you can even dial PSTN for free with VoipStunt. (You have to pay with Skype .) Unfortunately, you still have to pay for Indonesia. (Currently, there is a big VoIP fiasco in Indonesia in which directors of Indonesian Telecommunication company were jailed. So, free telephone is not in the horizon real soon now.) Has anybody make a comparison between these free calls? (Skype, Yahoo! Call, VoipStunt, and the rest of the gang / what else?) I am not keen in installing all these programs in my computer. There are too many programs as it is and I am running out of disk space. Right now, if needed, I use Skype (but it is limitted to people with Skype account only - no PSTN).

My Teaching Gears

Most of classes in my university are still conventional classes. Here's a picture of my teaching gears; backpack (with textbooks, notes), power bar (there's only one electrical outlet in the class!), Apple iBook G4 (or sometimes, Fujitsu Lifebook), LCD projector. Good thing I don't have to bring my own table! Oh yeah, sometimes I bring a set of speakers too. It feels like doing a (music) gig. Sorry, the picture is blurred. It was taken with my Nokia cellphone with little light.

Canadianized, eh?

Living in Canada (" winterpeg " to be exact) for more than 10 years definitely Canadianized me. Here - living in Indonesia right now - I am still interested to see (read, hear) anything related to Canada. Here's an interesting Photoshop competition about Canada . You'll find funny images about Canada. Canadians have a funny way to express themselves, eh? (Originally, I wanted to put the "eh?" in my picture. The eh-version is available here .)

Looking for (edu-tech-biz) activities in Singapore

My daughter is going to school in Singapore. So, I will visit her frequently. While I am in Singapore, I thought I should not waste my time and talent. Perhaps it is useful to others. I am looking for activities that are related to my field / skill. I am interested in doing a part time teaching (at NUS or NTU perhaps), or giving presentation (in security, technology, education, motivation, and what not), or just having discussions with Singaporean technopreneur communities, or expanding opportunites (opening a company in Singapore?). I am interested in learning about Singaporean's approach in developing the country, which I think is sucessful. While learning, I would like to contribute to Singapore too (if possible). (I believe in contributing to communities.) My fellows (and foes?) at my current university are wondering whether I am leaving the university. I said, "in due time ... in due time ..." Currently, I still have students (1 undergrad, 3 masters, 1 PhD) and 4

Firefox does not allow port 21?

This morning I am experimenting with this URL: http://some-example-site:21 Apparently firefox (flox, and the rest of the pack) would not allow me to open the site. It says: This address is restricted This address uses a network port which is normally used for purposes other than Web browsing. Firefox has cancelled the request for your protection. Try again. What if I understand the risk and I am doing it on purpose (I am redirecting port 21 to a web server as an experiment to by-passing firewall)? Can I bypass this protection? I tried other browsers, and only Safari (on a Mac) allows me to do it. (Don't know whether this is good or bad.) Any comments on this?

Breakfast with iBook G4

My iBook is now acompanying me whenever I go. Here's a picture of my iBook ready for breakfast (still on the way). I've got an iPod nano with me but was not shown in the picture. Picture was taken 1 Feb 2006, Bina Karsa Hotel, Jakarta. I was preparing myself for convention on IT standardization. Enjoy.