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Is Wireless@SG still working?

Next week, I will be travelling to Singapore. One of the things I found out in my previous trips was difficulty in getting WiFi access. It is strage, since in Bandung or Jakarta I can find WiFi access easier. In Singapore, I usually try to use Wireless@SG first. It usually doesn't work. For example, in SimLim, there is a wireless@SG signal but once you're connected there's no route to anything else. As if it is on but nobody manages it. So, I usually switch to whatever wireless services available (which normally I have to pay). And, sometimes, it is so expensive (especially in hotels). Now, yesterday I got a "spam" in my mailbox (I think it's from iCell) telling me that Wireless@SG is being upgraded. Is it? Is it better? Or, even, is it working?

My Class

Here is a picture of my Introduction to IT class. Only 11 students in the class. Yay! It should be easier to teach? (Is it?) The size of class is dropping each year. Don't know why. Our "only" problem is the class is at noon. It's difficult to fight sleepyness :)

Guilty feeling when reading

Somehow I have a strage feeling. A gulty feeling when I am reading. What gives? My funny reason is that when I am reading, I am not producing anything. I am not productive. I don't contribute to humanity. Thus, the guilty feeling. But, when I don't read, I don't gain knowledge. I am stuck. And I won't be able to produce anything good. So?

Independence: what does it mean?

Next week, 17th August, we have our Indonesia independence day. This year is our (2011-1945) year of independence. Now, what does independence mean to me? It means a great deal. Although I was not born when Indonesia was colonialized, I now how it feels to live under oppression. These days we live under different kind of oppresions. Censorship is one of them.

New Class

New term has started. I am teaching "Introducti0n to Information Technology" for Pharmacy international class. This year, there are only 10 students in class. Yay! I just remembered. I should take a picture of the class. Oh well. Next class...