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Showing posts from February, 2004
Just followed a link at Slashdot to an Enigma-e , an electronic kit of Enigma. It looks like a wonderful electronic kit. I've not played with soldering iron for quite a while, but was tempted to order the kit. The thing is, I am kinda worry ordering this kind of kits from outside Indonesia. I worry that it will get lost in the mail. Besides, shipping with FedEx might cost more than the kit itself. I just wish somebody's coming to Indonesia and bring the kit with him/her as a gift for me. Ha ha ha. Well, I said, "I wish", didn't I? I am still searching for a nice community portal to setup for my students. I've used phpnuke a long time ago and am not satisfied with the security aspect of it. I've seen Postnuke but don't like the look and feel. I am too lazy to configure the theme myself. Anyway ... still searching.
For the pas few days (a couple of weeks, actually) I've been busy writing various documents, project reports, articles, presentation materials, course materials, and what not. It has been a while I have not read anything substantial. My brain is in the state of running and not looking back. Now, this is the first day I have a small break (if you can call it a break). I have a chance to update my web sites, organize my tapes & CDs, but don't have time to organize my books and stack of papers. I did have a time to play with my wireless access point which I put in front of my house just to see if somebody is using it. :-) And ... still have not time to read a book!