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Showing posts from March, 2013

Gmail's New UI is Wrong

Gmail has just enabled/changed its user interface. There is one thing that bugs me and I think this should be corrected. If you reply to an email, the body of the replied email is quoted at the bottom of the email. This makes the reply by default a " top posting " reply. It's a no no in netiquette. This is just plain wrong. Don't the designers know this (top posting)? They should not make this the default setting. This could be an optoin that the user has to enable it if one wishes. Or, is top posting unrelevant now? I feel like a dinosaur, now.

Indonesia Internet Statistics

Recently, I've been asked questions about Indonesian Internet users. To be frankly, I am also looking for data to analyze. (I am running my own internet crawlers, but they are kind of slow - my students are slacking :))  Most people are using SocialBakers as the source of Facebook and Twitter stats. Here's an example of their Facebook stats . The thing about Internet in Indonesia is that it grows rapidly. If you search the internet, most of the statistics are kind of old. Have a look at twitter users stats in 2009, for example. (Link to the report is missing. Will put it here.) Indonesia is nowhere to be found. And yet, I believe, today Indonesia is probably in the top 4 of twitter users. ( Report from Mediabistro shows that in 2012 Indonesia is in the top 5 twitter users.) New data / stats are needed.

Path is gaining

I noticed that Path is gaining popularity in Indonesia at the expense of Facebook. The funny thing is, Path is not well known in the US. This just to show you that you'll never know why things happen in other parts of the world (in other culture). Time and time again, I tried to encourage IT companies to put their foot in Indonesia. To smell the coffee here, as the saying goes. But these companies are locating elsewhere. The closest is Singapore. Heck. What are you doing? You won't get the cultural thing if you are not here. You don't have to trust me. But don't go crying if your market share is declining in Indonesia.