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No Privacy Issue

There are a lot of discussions on privacy these days. The internet and social media are getting most of the blame. Is this privacy issue for real? Yes, in the West, but no in Indonesia. I've been talking to some Indonesians about privacy. I give a lot of talks and in these talks usually I ask the audience what they think about privacy.  Many think that they have issues related to privacy, but from what they do it seems they don't have problems at all. For instance, Indonesians like to put their real identity - including birth date, schools they went, their child(ren), and more - on their social media! When I ask why they do that, the answers are simple; to get birthday greetings and to organize (alumni) reunions. That's why they have to put real birth dates and real schools. Same thing with photos. Indonesians like to share with families, friends, and even strangers. There was a survey - I lost the URL (if you know there URL, please let me know) - regarding privacy and