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Showing posts from April, 2007

Write Once and Forget About It

This is not about java programming language, it's about my habit. I tend to write something in one shot and forget about it afterwards. I rarely go back to edit (or even read) what I have been written. Is this a bad habit? I don't know. One thing I know is that I have many unfinished articles or even books. They have been in draft stage for years. I want to finish them, but I don't like reading it again. I want to rewrite them from scratch. Well, some of them have more than 100 pages. I don't feel like rewriting them. The funny thing is, occassionally, I write something more than once. Ha ha ha. I guess it is okay since most of the time I write them from different point of views. All I can say is ... "Hmm... I think I wrote something similar a while back but cannot remember where I wrote it."

Changing system (in the middle of services)

I've been using email service for quite a while. I use it for non-sensitive / non-critical emails. At first, the interface was too clumsy. I don't know what kind of application they used, but it was cumbersome and took a long path to navigate. Then, in the middle of operation, they changed the application, without notification. I think they are using horde right now. Now, I have to learn how to use the interface. It is still confusing. On top of that, some mails (actually a lot) are missing. Good thing I didn't store critical emails there, but I would assume that somebody must have done it. Changing system in the middle of operation or services is not a good idea. It's a scary thing to do. They are too brave to do it. Cavalier? Or, maybe there is something serious that made them do it. They had to do it? The thing is, what about us - the users?

Time, Distance and Everything in Between

In another blog, I wrote my obsession with time . I wanted to write a similar thing about distance . Nothing came up so far. And " everything in between "? Well, is there anything in between time and distance? I am not so sure. They are different kind of animals. They are not comparable, aren't they? But, there could be a relation between time and distance. As time passes, distance can grow or shrink. Distance can be a function of time. It's a complicated higher-level function for sure, but it's still a function of time. Let's see if it works the other way around; time as a function of distance. Mathematically it's possible, but what does it mean? I am just mumbling. Think harder!