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Georgia my choice of fonts

I was reading Ariya's blog when I found a link to a story or history about Georgia typeface. I didn't realize that Georgia was designed for screen. It so happened that I found Georgia is the best font for my screen. I have used Georgia, as much as possible (eg. for my web, blog, etc.), for the last 6 months or so. Now I know that there is a reason why I like Georgia.

Now, if I can find a perfect font for my fixed-width / terminal-type font.


ronny said…
For monospace fonts, I prefer Monaco (comes with Mac OS X), as long as it's anti-aliased and not hinted too much. Bitstream Vera Mono and Andale Mono are two good candidates as well.
Budi Rahardjo said…
For terminal (on MS Windows and X window), right now, I use "CMU Typewriter Tex" (which I got it of somewhere). The thing is, I like "serif-like" fonts. That is why I don't like Monaco.
I would say, a standard looking font for printed sheets is Times New Roman. For webpages and blogs I would say Verdana 8.5 and for title fonts Georgia :-)
Anonymous said…
Ehm, I never liked Arial. I prefer to use the good-old-fashioned Helvetica. Arial presents a 'crappy' typography (meaning you almost didn't have creativity because you use the Windows' default) In SuSE, there were plenty of excellent font, including GNU Unifont, the best monospace font.

But for true freedom, use OSX' bundled fonts. They were very high quality, best looking professional typography.
Raja Jailbreak said…
i love georgia too,..thats looks like sexy.....
sadcs said…
Saya baru tahu kalau ada huruf namanya georgia, sepertinya georgia rasanya enak. salam. nanti saya coba di blog saya :)
Paintball said…
Punya link utk download link font tsb?

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