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Concurrent Budi version 3.0

Here's a picture of me presenting ... myself; "Budi Rahardjo - version 3.0".

What's new in this version? Well, the main feature is an independent BR. He could be himself.

The other "feature" (or bugs), I think BR is more concurrent. He gets bored easily. Here's an example what BR does at one time:
  • Playing with music (here's playing with his new audio mixer)
  • Reading books on guitars. He's learning to play guitars and trying to understand the various gadgets. (The magazine shows one of his guitar heroes, Alex Liefson of Rush. Inside there's Rothery of Marillion and much more.)
  • Reading books on technology, science, business, biographies. (Here's the "iWoz" book, a book about Steve Wozniak.)
  • On the notebook screen is "chuck", a music programming language. He's just reading the document and has not started programming in it. Before that he was playing with audacity and jokosher using his GNU/Linux Ubuntu.
  • Playing around with Linux. His Ubuntu is having a problem. He might switch back to (the one and true) Debian.

So that's Budi Rahardjo version 3.0. Please report bugs to the appropriate channel.


Priyadi said…
i haven't seen you with glasses recently (not that I've seen you much recently). have you fixed that bug? or have you resorted to another workaround such as contact lenses?
Budi Rahardjo said…
Pri, that "glasses bug" is still in there. Mostly, it is hidden from public. It shows up when BR requires heavy read/write process. I don't think this bug will be fixed. It is already accepted as part of the system.
Anonymous said…
Wuih.. layar gede di belakang itu ngingetin saya sama Steve Jobs yang lagi presentasi produk barunya.. hehehe
Anonymous said…
"we were trill about this..."
Anonymous said…
Baru perhatiin mixernya..
Eta mixer merek naon? Specsnya dong.. Jadi ngiler pengen punya..
Di Singapur yang segede gitu, 600 dolar udah termasuk mikrofon usb. Tapi merek nggak jelas hehehe
Budi Rahardjo said…
Merek mixernya, Yamaha MW10. Harganya Rp 1,5 juta.

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