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Photoscape 3.7 Under Wine (Linuxmint)

Just tested Photoscape 3.7 under Wine under Linuxmint 17. Looked okay, but then when I edited an image ... preview of all images became broken greyscale. It looked like this:

Don't know where to report. Posted here for the benefit of others. Any fix(es) out there?


punyapista said…
there was broken?
im not yet try new photoscape 3.7 but i think better uninstall and install the stable one ( Photoscape 3.6.3 )
darfin arifin said…
why can become damaged , what as edited
Anonymous said…
I have Photoscape 3.7 on my Linux Mint 17 kde OS and it works but the batch editor does not. There may be other features that don't work either but I have not tested everything. The basic editors and adding text to a photo work but I can't drag a photo and drop it when trying to use the batch editor. I have no idea why some features work while other may not. It may be best to use an older version. You can go here to get the older version

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